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415 Tape 3M Double Stick Large Roll 1/4 in

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Acid Free Tape for Long Term Storage 415 by Scotch 3M 1/4" or .25" wide Long 36 FOOT Roll
Part Number: AS-82525
Availability: In Stock.

Double Coated Transparent 3M 415 Tape Clear 1/4" x 36 yards

This archival tape is easy to use for conservation framing, polyester encapsulation, making mounting corners & exhibits & more. It's archival, safe to use, and long-lasting. Scotch 3M 415 Double Coated Tape is practical as well as archival. Its properties last for many years. It's clear. This special Scotch 3M 415 Tape is made from a 4.0 mil double coated polyester with acrylic adhesive on both sides. It features an easy release paper liner.

Just peel an end of the tape and cut it off the roll. Now, position the sticky side on one of your surfaces. Leave the liner in place while you position your work. Peel the liner away and it sticks to the new surface. Whether you are a conservation framer or a family scrapbook maker, this tape is perfect.

One popular use for our customers is to affix small pieces of this tape to the back of our fold-locking polypropylene sleeves to make them easy to use for positioning protected photos onto scrapbooks.

  • Thickness: 4.0 mil - means it's thick enough to be easy for you to work with
  • Width: 1/4 inch
  • Length: 36 yards - plenty of tape on the roll
  • Shelf Life: Years! It's long lasting so you don't need to be concerned with shelf life
  • Adhesive: Acrylic - archival and safe
  • Per roll
  • While quantities last

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