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Kit Small Time Capsule Preservation Sally
Preservation kit for the Sally time capsules includes sleeves, papers, gel

Kit Small Time Capsule Preservation Sally

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Simple document preservation kit for Sally time capsule or any simple storage project
Part Number: KT-11355
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Sally Time Capsule Preservation Kit

Simple Document Preservation Kit for Sally Time Capsule (small) includes a variety of document preservation enclosures commonly used for this size of capsule. Great starter kit for any project. This kit has been newly upgraded and you will find more of the important sizes of enclosures for your items.

  • All Materials are Acid Free and Lignin Free
  • No PVC or Harmful Plastics
  • Materials pass the PAT test for safe photo enclosures

Contents of kit

  • 1 - Inventory Sheet (AS-10701)
  • 3 - Letter to the Future printed stationery sheets, black (AS-10700)
  • 3 - Second Sheets, Stationery matching blank cream (AS-10212)
  • 10 - 4x6" Sleeves Clear Polypropylene for archival storage of photos and postcards up to 4x6 (AS-34-90046)
  • 2 - Sleeves for photos & letters up to 8.5x11" Clear Archival Polypropylene (AS-34985)
  • 1 - 10 g silica gel packet (AS-56610)
  • Leaflet: Preservation Hints for Time Capsule Items (BK-40617)
  • Basic kit instructions for these supplies
Perfect size kit for the Sally or any small document sized time capsule!

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