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Polished Time Capsule Mirror Finish
We offer a mirror finish polishing for your time capsule as an added option

Polished Time Capsule Mirror Finish

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Polished Time Capsule Finish

Make your time capsule a work of art

Our time capsule boxes are provided with a plain finish. We make the boxes from a polished stainless steel 304 material. However, when we weld the boxes together, you can see the welds that we do. At one time, you could see the welds on the bottom, the top, and 2 of the sides of each container. We now shine all welds on our standard containers. They look nice enough for any ceremony. However, the plain finish is not as nice as a polished finish! Should you wish your time capsule to be a work of art, consider this option. We offer this as a mirror finish.

Add a mirror polish finish to your box time capsule today.

The hand polishing of your time capsule is worth the extra time and effort (and cost) to do it if you plan to display your time capsule. It is a true 'mirror' finish - very difficult to photograph!

"You can't beat a polished time capsule for beauty."

Allow an additional week to the timing of your final time capsule delivery.

Cost is figured by the size of your time capsule. The larger the time capsule, the more time it takes, and each one is priced accordingly.

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