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Photo Processing Envelopes Archival 10 pk
Photo processing envelope to replace your acidic ones of bygone years

Photo Processing Envelopes Archival 10 pk

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Replace old acidic processing envelopes with these safe ones - you get a pack of 10 archival envelopes designed for 4x6 envelopes & negatives
Part Number: AS-39-00029
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Photo Processing Envelopes

Handy processing envelope for prints awaiting mounting. Has slot to fit a CD, some negatives, an index print.

Did you know that the envelopes photo-finishers provided in years past are not acid-free? Protect the longevity of your photography media by storing them in acid-free archival envelopes until you get the chance to mount them or otherwise process them. These holding envelopes are the perfect choice. Replace the old ones now with permanent quality processing envelopes that serve to protect as well as organize your projects. Do it right.

  • Photo Processing Envelopes measure 7x5 and hold up to size 4x6 photos, stacked
  • Envelopes pass the PAT Test (see below)
  • Made with Acid Free and Lignin Free Papers & adhesives
  • Write on the outside of the envelope to quickly identify and organize using a pencil or archival pen
  • Archival see-thru window allow you to see at a glance your CD identification or Index Print
  • Archival tissue separator provides a place to put negatives with, yet keep them from prints in storage
  • Sturdy envelope made in the USA
  • Overall size of 5"x7" exactly (great for prints up to 4x6" in size)
  • Presented by the John Porter Everyday Archives
  • Permanence engineered to preserve your photos for 200 Years & beyond!
These Photo Processing Envelopes pass the PAT test. This is the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Photographic Activity Test. It means that when you use these photo processing envelopes for your photos, the envelopes will do no harm to them. This product has been independently tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc.
"We love to use these processing envelopes to replace the old drugstore envelopes we used to get with our prints from the 1980's. While many of the prints from those days are blurry, we still like to keep most of them, and these envelopes are a perfect way to do that. We mark the dates of the transaction and where they were processed and any numbers - right on the outside flap of these envelopes. Makes doing the right thing so easy!"
You get a pack of 10 envelopes. Each envelope holds the standard stack of 4x6 sized (or smaller) prints that you used to get with your roll of negatives when you got them processed. Handy also for digital prints in sizes up to 4x6. Overall size is 5x7 but they are too snug to hold that size. They will hold a CD, though. These are so handy. We recommend using these envelopes to replace the acidic envelopes provided by photo processors prior to 2008. These cream envelopes help organize as well as properly protect prints.

Please note: this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We cannot get replacements.

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