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Paper DAR Ivory Legal 25% Cotton Applications Pk 10
Example of how this blank paper looks when using the Application for NSDAR

Paper DAR Ivory Legal 25% Cotton Applications Pk 10

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Fine Paper for DAR Applications, blank for your printing 25% Cotton 28 lb 8.5x14" 10-pack
Part Number: AS-10814
Availability: Ships promptly! Fine paper meets strict standards for NSDAR & Legal Purposes
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Paper Ivory Legal 25 Cotton DAR Applications & Legal Paper Long Term Storage

  • Size: 8.5" x 14"
  • Cotton Content: 25%
  • Weight: 28 lb
  • Color: Ivory
  • DAR & CAR Specifications: Meets and Exceeds
  • Legal Paper Use & Long Term Storage
  • Watermarked "25% Cotton Fiber"
  • Per Package of 10 sheets

Made to exacting specs for NSDAR applications, this fine paper meets all the specifications that NSDAR places on the application papers for their society.

This fine paper is also popular with other societies who want to be sure that the paper they use (and keep for hundreds of years) will last not only from personal handling but from technical copying and scanning equipment, too. It's a pleasing ivory color which makes it easy on the researcher's eyes.

Technical specs for DAR paper say 25% cotton, and this paper meets that requirement. Specs call for the paper to be at least 24 lb weight, and this paper is 28 lb weight, so it meets and exceeds that specification. You don't want the paper to be too heavy, and 28 lb is not too heavy to be used again and again on copying and scanning machines. It's tech ready. When you use this paper, you do not only the right thing in your own research, but you also provide future researchers a good service by making sure the paper does not get in the way of reading the intended information on it.

Yes, there are good reasons the NSDAR has these specifications for their paper. Their library is full of faded, torn, yellowed, and ragged application papers. Great care needs to be observed in the use of these fragile papers. To make it better in the future, each application that they get for lineage of a patriot needs to be on paper that lasts. The 25% cotton content is important for longevity, the heavier duty paper is important because of the handling and machinery it must withstand, and the ivory color is much easier on the researchers' eyes than bright white is.

The paper is carefully packed and shipped.

Please note the following problem noted by one customer recently with this paper.
“The paper has a nice finish. I think that is part of the problem, it doesn’t easily absorb moisture,” wrote the customer.
The problem was not in the electronic printing onto the paper, but rather, with the ink not drying fast enough for her. She used the following pens that had a problem with smudging of signatures:
•    G2
•    Energel
•    “A couple others in my drawer”

Therefore, to avoid this problem in the future, please be aware to allow plenty of time for the ink to dry when using a hand signature for this paper. We are sorry for any inconvenience and extra time to wait for ink to dry.

Per pack of 10 sheets

Note: This paper is legal size and works great for applications as well as proofs. For most proofs, however, that accompany the submitted application, you can submit on Permalife paper (25% cotton, buffered, acid free, 20 lb paper). We sell both the letter size and the legal size of that Permalife paper for your use, and we recommend that paper for all genealogy papers you keep at home, as well. You don't need a heavy paper at home, just the 20lb paper will do (however you should get paper that is at least 25% cotton content, and Permalife is rated for 300 years). This paper meets & exceeds Permalife paper requirements.

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