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Mylar Bags MVP Marvelseal Storage Various Sizes Each
This shows the 8x10 size. These all come with instructions for sealing up with a common household iron or hair straightening tool.

Mylar Bags MVP Marvelseal Storage Various Sizes Each

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MVP Marvelseal Mylar Bag for moisture vapor proof packaging, per bag (with instructions, sample) for artifacts or food
Part Number: AS-88000
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Mylar Bags - our MVP Marvelseal Storage Pouch

These pouches are made of exact specifications to meet very low moisture vapor transmission requirements. They work great inside of a time capsule to protect contents both inside and outside of the bag. For instance, some customers may wish to place an item whose inherent longevity is unknown (a Twinkie, a leather item, a rubber ball, a bottle of wine). Best way to handle this is to pack it inside of an MVP pouch (seal according to instructions - you can use a common household iron as specified).

Each order comes with at least one set of instructions, a sample piece of the MVP material to test on your heat sealing device, and seal release paper (to place in between your iron and the material to keep the material from sticking on your iron). Per Pouch.


Material used for making the bags: Laminated Film/Foil/Poly. Some vendors call these metallized poly bags. These are a thicker version and are safe for food as well as artifacts. They provide superior protection for items in long term storage, and can be used for EMP bags. Some of the bags have quality control printing on the outside. Bags were made in the USA. All of our bags except the largest 23x32" size are safe for food or artifacts.
Mix or match to get special pricing on larger quantities!

Ideas of what to use for sizes

3-1/8x4" - Small items such as seeds, herbs
4x5" - Small items such as soil samples, seeds, herbs
5x7" - Small items such as pens, candies, soil samples, seeds, herbs
6x24" - Longer items such as a vinyl banner (rolled up), or a paper scroll (rolled up), or a wine bottle, or a brandy bottle; cut into 3 pieces and heat seal all around to get 3 bags for smaller items from each bag
8x10" - Documents, photos, hard drives, 1 pt food dry
12x18" - Framed items, wooden items, leather items, food 1 qt dry
15x20" - Framed pictures, wooden items, leather items, food 1/2 gallon dry

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