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Museum Mounting Kit

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Museum mounting kit helps you mount hundreds of items using the old style rice starch and mulberry paper, comes with instructions, tape, nice storage box.
Part Number: AS-53022
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Lineco Museum Mounting Kit

The Conservation Museum Mounting Kit contains everything you need to mount graphics and original art using rice starch and mulberry paper hinges. This is the Lineco L533-2000, but it is 'new old stock' and contains the Rice Starch not the Wheat Starch as is available in more current years. The kit contains a nice box for keeping the product in, a 2 oz jar of unmodified rice starch adhesive, a large sheet of mulberry paper, enough to make at least 150 hinges, and the 25m x 254 mm roll of linen tape for mat hinging. It also has a set of instructions.

The time tested method of using Japanese paper hinges together with starch adhesive continues to be the best way to safely mount valued art, which is the method used and trusted by museum professionals to safely mount valuable art work.

Limited to stock on hand.

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