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Time Capsule Preservation Kit for 6x24 Mr Future, with over 70 Archival Supplies
Preservation Kit for Mr Future time capsule

Time Capsule Preservation Kit for 6x24 Mr Future, with over 70 Archival Supplies

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Preservation Kit with archival enclosures, envelopes, more
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Mr Future Preservation Kit for Time Capsules

New & Improved!

Kit provides 25 unique items and over 70 items in all. Designed for smaller time capsules such as our Mr. Future model (6" diameter x 24" tall, with 679 cu. in./11,127 cc/11.13 Liters/2.94 US Gallons). These are acid free, lignin free museum quality enclosures that you cannot easily purchase anywhere else.

Customers may use this preservation kit as a starter kit when you're not sure how many enclosures they'll need of a certain size. It's common to add a couple packs of 10 9x12 buffered paper envelopes (our #33912) and also the Corrosion Intercept pouches (6x8 and 8x10) (56-34608, 56-34810) to supplement the kit as needed. We realize each of our customers is unique and their time capsule contents will be, too. Simply supplement the kit as needed. This version is new & improved, meaning it has better items and more of the important ones. Based on customer feedback.

Contents of the 2016 Kit

  • 20 sheets Permalife Ivory Letter sized sheets for printing, copying, wrapping (25% cotton, 20-lb, buffered, rated for 300 years in storage) [10012-1]
  • Inventory Sheet "For the Time Capsule" Cream 24-lb Acid Free 25% Cotton [10701]
  • 5 ea. Message to the Future Stationery Sheets Cream 24-lb Acid Free 25% Cotton, Printed in Black [10700]
  • Booklets: Preservation Hints, 100 Time Capsule Ideas, 12 Tips to Planning Successful Time Capsule Project [40211, 40006, 40012]
  • Basic Kit instructions [40996]
  • 2 ea. Big Sheets Archival Tissue 24x36" Buffered passes PAT [75136]
  • 6 ea. Photo Sleeves Clear Archival Polypropylene Fold Locking (3 for 5x7, 3 for 8.5x11) [34-90057-1, 34-90085-1]
  • 5 ea. Clear Archival Polypropylene Envelopes for Documents, Photos for items up to 9x12" [38-0912B]
  • 4 ea Buffered Paper envelopes Archival Side Seam Flapped Ungummed - 2 of 9x12", 2 of 10x13" [33912, 33013]
  • 3 ea Paper Photo Processing Envelopes Buffered Archival 5.5x7" for 4x6" photos [39-00029]
  • 10 ea Clear Bags Archival Uncoated Plastic Zip Style - 3 of 8x10", 5 of 9x12", 1 of 10x13", 1 of 12x15" [36-20810, 36-20912, 36-21013, 36-21215]
  • 1 Specialty Bag (for unknown things, leather, etc) MVP pouch 8x10 with 1 set of instructions, 1 practice piece, 1 seal release paper
  • 1 Unit Desiccant Pack for conditioning of moisture (not oxygen) [56701]
  • 1 Corrosion Intercept Specialty Bag Zip 8x10" for metal items, CD's DVD's, thumb drives, etc [56-34810Z]
  • Archival pen Black Pigmented Ink [64-65940]
  • 4 ea Artifact ID Tags Buffered Cream for safely identifying artifacts, toys, etc [87221]
  • Muslin Pouch 3"x4.25" for artifacts, jewelry, pins, patches, etc [89-03042]
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