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Microchamber Paper Ivory 24-lb LTR 25 pk
Super paper has zeolites & microchamber protection, good for time capsules

Microchamber Paper Ivory 24-lb LTR 25 pk

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Fine Paper Microchamber sheets are 8.5"x11" - ivory, 24 lb weight, watermarked & contain filters in the fiber
Part Number: AS-10512
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Microchamber Paper - 8.5"x11" Letter Size

  • 8-1/2" x 11" Letter Size
  • Watermarked
  • Ultra-Permanent Protection in acidic environments
  • Thick 24-lb weight
  • 25% Cotton Bond Paper
  • .004 in., 90 g/m2
  • Tech Ready for printers and copiers
  • Micro-chamber technology
  • Pleasing Ivory color
  • Pack of 25 sheets
Microchamber paper is the only archival bond paper capable of resisting damage from exposure to ozone over time in acidic environments. The paper contains purifiers inside. Your time capsule may or may not have such an acidic environment. Use this paper when you need maximum permanence (works great to house or interleave in between newspapers and other acidic items). Watermarked 24-lb. bond paper is ideal for permanent records and was designed to work in laser printers and photocopiers.

MicroChamber and Artcare products have the capacity to protect and preserve where none exists in standard alkaline buffered products, i.e., they remove by-products of deterioration and pollutants. Moreover, they exceed the acid-removal capacity of buffered papers by over 100 times. Tests on the paper have shown that it provides superior protection for housing acidic papers. We use a thicker MicroChamber paper (ArtCare) for our Newspaper File Kits. The paper we sell here is more like the usual bond papers and are easy to use inside of file folders and usual processing.

This paper passes the PAT test (doesn't react with photos that are housed inside). This bond paper is a versatile weight and can be used for writing, interleaving, photocopying, wrapping, & printing. For best results, print on watermark side.

We provide Permalife paper sheets inside of our kits, not this paper, because most time capsules today do not contain a lot of acidic paper materials. We provide one or more Newspaper File Kits inside of our larger preservation kits to house any of the more acidic items inside of time capsules. These Newspaper File Kits include a large sheet of even heavier paper (Artcare) and this uses the Microchamber technology, too. Examples of acidic items include newspapers and card board or vinyl items.  

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