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Light Engraving to Personalize Your Family Time Capsule

Examples below show examples of the light engraving. To make it show up, we use a multiple line font such as Garamond 6L, and a few other fonts are available. Also, we break up the message into different lines in order to make the lettering as large as possible, for legibility. Add the desired FAMILY TIME CAPSULE to your cart. Then go to the LIGHT ENGRAVING AREA and type out your message, then add that to your cart. Don't worry, we'll try to make it look nice, so you can split words if necessary - if any doubt we'll send a proof. Engraving takes about a week, so add that to your timing.

Eng_Light_Willowbrook.jpg Dana Gregg Engraved time capsule lid Engraved Mrs Future Lid Ella
Eng_Light_ToesInSand.jpg Heritage Time Capsule Engraved Lid Engraved Lid JHS
Timeless Engraved Lid Engraved Lid MFC Fancy Engraved Time Capsule
Eng_Light_Proehls.jpg Sally Engraving 2 Lids Eng_Light_Simple.jpg
FUMC Dunedin Engraved Lid Eng_Light_ToesInSand.jpg Eng_Light_Willowbrook.jpg