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Leaflet - Preserving Newspapers
Info leaflet for time capsules - preservation of newspapers

Leaflet - Preserving Newspapers

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Preserving Newspapers is a booklet full of tips & how to instructions for caring for newspapers in long term storage.
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Leaflet Preserving Newspapers

Archivally Speaking Series

Preserving Newspapers. Just by being aware of the harm you can do to newspapers is the first step in keeping them nice over time. This leaflet will help you take care when handling newspapers (especially large format, poor-quality ones). It talks about effective and cost efficient ways to preserve them.

Maybe this leaflet of just 8 pages is all you need to help you think about how to handle and preserve newspapers.

You might have purchased a 19th century historic newspaper - now how do you keep it nice? Or maybe you're saving today's newspaper for a newly born nephew. How do you present it to their parents?

This leaflet on preserving newspapers talks about what makes up newsprint and why it's a problem. It answers questions such as "What makes newspapers deteriorate?" and "What hurts newspapers in storage?"

Learn how to make the paper better by adding an alkaline layer.

Decide on how you want to keep your newspapers nice over time in storage, and what is good or bad about the conditions you choose. Learn how to handle newspapers.

We include this leaflet in our larger preservation kits, and we also include it in our special Newspaper File KitsTM.

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