Laser Engraving Gallery

Laser engraved marking is done on all of our time capsule lids, and it is a beautiful and indelible way to place a message on the time capsule. We can accommodate logos if they are in black and white with no shading. We use CS5 for most of our vector work and our engraver uses Corel Draw. To order laser engraving, first choose the time capsule that you want to engrave (only lids can be done). Place it in your shopping cart. Go to the LASER ENGRAVING AREA FOR BOXES or for FAMILY TIME CAPSULE ENGRAVING, whichever is appropriate. Then choose the lid size of the time capsule on the drop down menu for laser engraving, and add that to your cart. You can write out your message here or you can upload a file. We will send a proof to you for the engraving. Laser engraving takes 2 weeks, so add that amount of time to your order.

Eng_Laser_15x6x9_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_AdamsCounty_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_Alameda_12x12.jpg
Eng_Laser_AmJewishUniv.jpg Eng_Laser_AnnunciationChurch_16x16_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_ArnoldSchwarzenegger_6dia_72dpi.jpg
Eng_Laser_BackToOurFuture-Sally.jpg Eng_Laser_CANursesAssc_14x14_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_CFCC_16x16_72dpi.jpg
Eng_Laser_ChathamFinancial_6dia_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_Chicago.jpg Eng_Laser_CityOfCocoaFL.jpg
Eng_Laser_CoronaDelMar_12x12_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_CoastCarolinaUniv_14x14_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_CraterLake_18x18_72dpi.jpg
Laser Engraving for CSUMonterey Eng_Laser_CUMC_12x12_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_DavidM-AHA.jpg
Eng_Laser_DenverMuseum_12x12_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_DesertBotGarden.jpg Eng_Laser_DublinHS_12x12_72dpi.jpg
Eng_Laser_EM.jpg Eng_Laser_GRCF_6dia_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_HawaiiState.jpg
Eng_Laser_Holocaust_6dia_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_Kahala50_Mr.jpg Eng_Laser_LaurelButlerCtr.jpg
Eng_Laser_Lifestore.jpg Eng_Laser_LMCMC_16x16_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_MerrillMemorial_14x14_72dpi.jpg
Eng_Laser_MiamiElks_6x9_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_Montereau_14x14_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_NOAA_72dpi.jpg
Eng_Laser_NWRS_14x10.jpg Eng_Laser_OzarksCollege_16x16_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_Picone.jpg
Eng_Laser_SMCC_6dia_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_SpringfieldGreene.jpg Eng_Laser_StFrancis_5dia_72dpi.jpg
Eng_Laser_Tippecanoe_12dia_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_Truro300.jpg Eng_Laser_Tuskawilla_16x16_72dpi.jpg
Eng_Laser_VerdinCompany_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_WACollege_16x16_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_WallaceMarriage.jpg
Eng_Laser_WAStNatResc_14x14_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_WorldAccess_5dia_72dpi.jpg Eng_Laser_WTVH_15x6_72dpi.jpg
Laser Engraving for St JohnsLaser Engraved St John Time CapsuleSimple Image Laser Engraved on Arnold