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White cotton gloves are fitted, can be washed and reused over & over
White cotton gloves are fitted, can be washed and reused over & over

Gloves White Cotton Fitted Tops Pair Small

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Gloves White All Cotton with Fitted Tops - Cotton Gloves Washable Size Small, per pair
Part Number: AS-20738-1
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Gloves White Cotton with Fitted Tops - Size Small

Features Fitted Seam Design

Material of these fine gloves is 100% cotton, and you can wash & wear them again & again! Use them to protect your collectibles from greasy hands! The gloves have fitted seams along the top of the glove. The back of each glove's wrist is fitted by gathered elastic.


100% cotton, these white cotton fitted gloves can be washed again & again. They'll keep their fit and shape. These fine white cotton gloves are made from medium weight cotton. These are not bags, but rather are fitted and can be washed in your lingerie bag in the washer on the Permanent Press cycle. Wear them again and again.

Many Uses

Use them for handling photos, slides, & negatives, as well as all of your time capsule artifacts so that fingerprints and oils from your hands don't get on them. They're not only used for conservation. Other popular uses for these gloves include: Marching Band, Banquet and Food Servers, Cotillion Dances

  • For wearing to Church, a Funeral, at a greeting line, meeting dignitaries
  • Formal attire: Cotillion Dances, Hand Bell Choirs
  • At the job: Doorman, Usher, Clown, Inspector, Chimney Sweep
  • Military, Parade, Santa Claus, Uniform, Usher, Clowns

Unisex Sizing

SIZE: Small (S) (5-6)

Per pair.

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