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Gloves White Cotton Plain Pair S M L
Plain cotton tops on these white gloves

Gloves White Cotton Plain Pair S M L

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Gloves White Pair Plain Tops - Cotton Gloves Washable Sizes S M L
Part Number: AS-20600
Availability: Great to use for handling collectibles, protect them from oils and fingerprints

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Gloves White Cotton with Plain Tops - Choose Small (S) Medium (M), or Large (L)

Protect your collectibles from greasy hands! Wear these washable gloves - they are plain style but not 'bags' - you will love them.

  • 100% cotton - wash & wear again & again!

  • Wash in cool water (use a lingerie bag) then dry on Permanent Press cycle or simply hang them to dry.

  • Feature plain tops and plain wrists

  • Gloves keep their fit and shape

  • Made from medium weight cotton

  • 100% cotton

Many Uses

  • Use them for handling photos, slides, & negatives

  • Use them when handling your time capsule artifacts so that fingerprints and oils from your hands don't get on them.

  • Some people use them in a parade, such as if they are in a Marching Band, or Military

  • Some use them while serving food or at a banquet

  • For wearing to Church, a Funeral, at a greeting line, meeting dignitaries

  • Formal attire: Cotillion Dances, Hand Bell Choirs

  • At the job: Doorman, Usher, Clown, Inspector, Chimney Sweep, Uniform

Choose from S (Small), M (Medium), or L (Large)

Per pair.

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