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Corrosion Intercept Pouch Zip
Corrosion Intercept bags make excellent long term protective environments for CD and DVD media, as well as many metal items.

Corrosion Intercept Pouch Zip

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Corrosion Intercept Pouches protect metals over time, safe to use - Zip style
Part Number: AS-56-34CIPZ3
Availability: Buy the best bag for long term storage of coins, metals, thumb drives!!

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Corrosion Intercept Pouch Zip Style

Special bag material removes acids from the item inside & as they occur over time

Best used with metal items and items containing metal components, the Corrosion Intercept Pouch is a time capsule bag that removes acids from the item stored inside & as they occur over time. We recommend its use with DVD and CD media as well as the usual lapel pins and unknown metal items that folks place inside their time capsules. We offer it in 3 sizes, 6x9", 8x10", and 10x12". The photo shows the 6x9" size.Developed by Lucent Bell Labs.

  • Outer bag sizes 6x9", 8x10", or 10x12"
  • Zip design (easy to close!)
  • Comes with instructions, hints for use
  • Each

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