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Oxygen Conditioning Kits
This is an add-on kit. Conditioning kits include Oxygen Absorbers & desiccant together

Oxygen Conditioning Kits

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Conditioning Kits have oxygen absorbers and desiccant to help keep the inside of your time capsule free of oxygen & too much moisture.
Part Number: KT-1103
Availability: Ships promptly! Perfectly sized kits have both oxygen absorbers & desiccant to condition air inside your time capsule

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Conditioning Kits

Conditioning Kits are made up of both Ageless oxygen absorbers and some silica gel or desiccant to 'condition' the inside of your time capsule.

We use a vacuum packaging machine to specially pack the Ageless in MVP (Marvelseal) bags. Desiccant is packed separately, in heavy poly bags.

The kits come with complete instructions on how to use. You can use them to supplement a time capsule you are already ordering, or some customers use them for packing items in a large MVP Mylar Marvelseal bag or other airtight container before finally placing into the time capsule.

Choose one of 4 newly upgraded kits:

  • 11035 - Small Conditioning Kit w/ 1/2 Unit Desiccant + 1000 cc Ageless O2 Absorbers
  • 11036 - Medium Conditioning Kit w/ 1 Unit Desiccant + 1500cc Ageless O2 Absorbers
  • 11037 - Large Conditioning Kit w/ 2 Unit Desiccant + 2000 cc Ageless O2 Absorbers
  • 11038 - Extra Large Conditioning Kit w/ 4 Unit Desiccant + 2500 cc Ageless O2 Absorbers

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