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12x12x16 Time Capsule Gemini Stainless Box
Gemini capped time capsule is 12" L x 12" W x 16" High.

12x12x16 Time Capsule Gemini Stainless Box

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Time Capsule Box holds up to 400 or more documents, photos & artifacts safely
Part Number:CC-42230
  • Airtight Stainless Steel:Sturdy, practical & protective, includes closure kit oxygen absorbers & instructions
  • Can be buried:Bury up to 75 years: follow instructions included for proper sealing, placement & burial
  • Warranty:We include a warranty with all of our time capsule boxes

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Preservation Kits help

GEMINI Capped Cornerstone Popular Time Capsule

Our Gemini simple capped cornerstone time capsule measures a full 12x12x16" on the inside. The standard cap measures 12x12 inches. This time capsule has a capacity of 2304 cubic inches or 1.33 cubic feet. Although dependent on the actual size of your items, the Mars size holds up to about 400 or more documents, photos & artifacts safely.

Your capped cornerstone order includes the following items at no additional charge. For more supplies to protect items, order a preservation kit or separate packages appropriate to your items.

  • Conditioning Kit appropriate to size with a calculated amount of Ageless Oxygen Absorbers (to remove oxygen) and Desiccant (to control moisture)
  • 3 Basic How-To Information Pamphlets on time capsules (Preservation Hints; 12 Tips to a Successful Time Capsule Project; and 100 Ideas for Time Capsule Contents)
  • Labels: 7601 Polyester to write on & 7602 Outdoor serial numbered label for tracking purposes
  • Courtesy Starter Stationery Packet (2 Inventory Sheets, 3 Letter to the Future Stationery Sheets, 3 Envelopes); 82042 Silicone Sealant with Wax Kit (4 oz tube with illustrated How To Apply instructions, Applicator Tip, Wax and Instructions/Tips for successful burial)
  • Warranty

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