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100 Time Capsule Ideas for Items to Include in a time capsule
100 Time Capsule Ideas for Items to Include in a time capsule

Booklet, 100 Time Capsule Ideas: What to Put in a Time Capsule

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100 Ideas Leaflet - what to put in your time capsule!
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100 Time Capsule Ideas Leaflet

100 Time Capsule Ideas: Things to Put in a Time Capsule by Janet Reinhold

Our 100 Time Capsule Ideas leaflet gives you more than 100 ideas to come up with thoughtful, provoking items for your time capsule! Yes, the 100 Time Capsule Ideas Leaflet discusses what items should be included in your time capsule. 100 specific items are not only listed, they are also discussed.The leaflet is simple. It makes the process of choosing things for your time capsule easy.
  • What kinds of items might you want to put into your time capsule?
  • What is recommended?
  • What's not recommended?

This leaflet is a smaller version than our larger book on time capsule contents (A Sampling of Time Capsule Contents), yet has new and updated information.

The little booklet has become popular not only with our customers but with anyone wondering about a time capsule project and how to start one. These tips are sure to improve the value of that gift to the future you plan on sending!

Go further in your project plans using the ideas in these pages. Categories in the leaflet include:

  • The Time Capsule
  • Documents and Paper Articles
    • Personal Messages
    • Media Messages
    • Written Documents
    • Essays
    • Local Color
    • Objects & Artifacts
  • Textiles, Clothing, Soft Artifacts
  • Visual Art & Sound Media


We guarantee the booklet will give you at least one idea you haven't thought of yet, or your money back!


Some of the 100 items have more than one embedded in them! For instance:

  • "Personal Messages" #5 says, "Essay by special community or academic awards winner about how they envision the future of the community. What should be changed? What shouldn't be changed? Why?"
  • "Media Messages" #14 says, "Special interest publications may be appropriate, depending on your group, e.g., Science News, New England Medical Journal. Computer magazines such as PC World and Windows Magazine will be especially interesting to future folks. Use copies that are in mint condition. Names on the covers are okay - they will be of historical interest.
  • "Objects & Artifacts" #70 says, "City envelopes with Centennial Cancel markings. Regular letters with regular cancellations: Don't automatically throw away these items that may come with your donations. They may prove significant someday."

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