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Brainstorming a time capsule - Book with ideas for planning a time capsule project
Brainstorming a time capsule - Book with ideas for planning a time capsule project

Book, Your Time Capsule Brainstorming Container & Ceremony

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Time Capsule Book about time capsules - ceremonies and thinking about events, gives examples of what other groups have done for their ceremonies.
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Book - Your Time Capsule: Brainstorming Container & Ceremony

Basic Project Ideas

Book gives basic tips on how to brainstorm a time capsule project by showing several examples from over 20 years ago. Author gives examples based on her own research at the time as well as with her first time capsule customers.This is the first book you need before deciding which kind and size of time capsule you need. In short, it:

  • Defines what a time capsule is
  • Discusses famous time capsules and what makes them interesting to think about
  • Talks about the dedication ceremony - what it is, why you need one, and how to do it
  • Discusses things you may or may not want to have during the dedication ceremony, such as whether to have the time capsule open or closed, how to display contents, and more.
  • Gives examples and ideas of the nicer parts of time capsule dedication ceremonies and whom you need to or want to invite to it
  • Talks about how to figure the size of time capsule you need
  • Asks you to determine the purpose of your time capsule
  • Talks about how to give your time capsule a personal touch
  • Discusses ways to gather items for your time capsule
  • Guides you on making an inventory list
  • Includes information about publicizing a dedication ceremony and getting news coverage for your time capsule ceremony
  • What to consider when opening an existing time capsule
  • Placement of your time capsule - what to consider
  • Discusses the reason for marking where the time capsule is placed

Book has 42 pages and includes footnotes.

Now! Get the 12 Tips to a Successful Time Capsule leaflet as a bonus when you order this book.

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