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Bolted time capsule example
Bolted time capsule example

12x12x20 Bolted Time Capsule Farmer

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Farmer Bolted 12x12x20" Time Capsule Container comes with everything you need to properly seal & dedicate your event. 100 year time capsule, special order, allow up to 10 weeks for fabrication.
Part Number: BL-31220
Availability: Special order item, allow 10 weeks plus shipping time.

Bolted Farmer 12x12x20" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Time Capsule

Designed to be easy and safe for you to use to store documents, photos, and artifacts for the long term, our Bolted Time Capsule is easy to seal yet protective over many years. You can safely place this time capsule in almost any environment, and you can bury it without any special vault. It's rated for 100 years or more for protection of the items inside.

Special order item, allow 10 weeks plus shipping time.


  • The Farmer model measures a full 12x12x20" on the inside with an opening of 9.25" diameter.
  • The outer dimensions of this time capsule are 12.25"x12.25"x21".
  • Calculated oxygen absorber amounts included: 2400 cc
  • Estimated desiccant amounts included: 4.5 units

Included with all bolted time capsules

  • Silicone O-ring that fits the O ring groove exactly
  • 12 stainless steel bolts, 12 matching washers
  • 3K Manual has Instructions on how to use your time capsule
  • Limited Warranty
  • Ageless Oxygen Absorbers (calculated for your time capsule, ¾ full)
  • Desiccant to dry the environment inside (estimated on the time capsule having 1/2 of the contents made of paper)
  • Courtesy items
    • Stationery packet of 3 sheets of Letter to the Future stationery, 3 matching envelopes, Archival Photo Processing Envelope, & Inventory Worksheet
    • 7601 Silver & Black poly outdoor label to write your dates of placement and intended opening
    • Basic 3 information pamphlets: 12 Tips to a Successful Time Capsule Project; Preservation Hints for Time Capsules; and 100 Ideas for Time Capsule Contents.
  • How To Bury A Time Capsule Booklet

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