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Kit Basic Preservation for Time Capsules, with 100 Archival Supplies
Preservation kit for box time capsules has lots of different enclosures for your items.

Kit Basic Preservation for Time Capsules, with 100 Archival Supplies

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Yes, the Basic Preservation Kit for Time Capsules is recommended to help preserve your items over time in any time capsule.
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Basic Preservation Kit for Time Capsules - 2020

We designed this preservation kit for our time capsule boxes. The latest version of this kit in 2020 has more than 25 different items. It has multiples of some of the items, so you get at least 96 of items in this kit, plus at least 4 archival holding bags that you can also use for time capsule storage. That's 100 items in all! Because our preservation kits have evolved over time, this kit will not match the same designation we had 10 years ago! We've used customer feedback to help decide what items you want to see in a kit. Please see the detailed supplies below to see what's currently in your kit. By the way, the kits no longer contain the stationery (you can order that separately), and only have the pamphlets pertaining to the preservation of items.

Basic supplies in all of our kits include acid free tissue, 9x12" and 6x9" and other sizes of buffered archival paper envelopes, archival plastic sleeves for various sizes of photos and digital documents (8.5x11", 5x7", 4x6"), archival Permalife paper, plastic bags in handy document sizes, Corrosion Intercept pouches, and a Preservation Kit Instructions Booklet as well as labeling instructions on the items.

Other things in the kit include the Time Capsule Inventory Sheet, Magazine Bags, Document Sleeves, Desiccant, Archival Tissue, and of course our main preservation booklet, Preservation Hints for Time Capsule Items.

Here is the exact archival supply listing for the Basic Preservation Kit for Time Capsules:

How Many in Kit - Description, Catalog Item No. (add AS-)

25    -    8.5”x11“ Letter Size Sheets Blank Permanent Bond Permalife®            10012
4    -    6” x 9” Archival Paper Envelopes Buffered (flapped)                33609
4    -    9” x 12” Archival Paper Envelopes Buffered (flapped)                33912
3     -     10” x 13” Archival Paper Envelopes Buffered (flapped)                33013
5  -       20“ x 24” Archival Buffered Tissue, each                    75124
5    -    24” x 36” Archival Buffered Tissue, each                    75136
10  -    4-5/8” x 6-1/2” Sleeve Envelope PP Open End for 4x6” (documents/photos)    38904
10    -    5-1/2” x 7-1/4” Sleeve Envelope PP Open End for 5x7” (documents/photos)    38905
10    -    8-3/4” x 11-3/16” Sleeve Envelope PP Open End for 8.5x11” Photos, Docs    38908
5    -    8-15/16” x 11¼” Archival Clear PP Envelope for Photos, Documents        34985
1     -     10” x 12” Archival Document Zip Polyethylene Bag heavy wt, documents    36-41012
1    -    12” x 15” Archival Document Zip Polyethylene Bag heavy wt, newspapers     36-41215
1    -    12” x 24” White Foam Cushioning                        75-12248
1    -    3” x 4.25” Muslin Cotton Artifact Pouch                    89-03042
1    -    1 Unit DesiPak Air Drying Conditioner                        56701
1    -    6” x 8” Corrosion Intercept® Long Term Storage Pouch    Flat            56-34608
1    -    8” x 10” Corrosion Intercept® Long Term Storage Pouch Flat            56-34810
1   -      3-1/4” x 4” (4” x 4-1/2” o. d.) MVP Seed Bag, Pins Bag                88134-1
1   -      5-1/2” x 7” (6-3/8” x 7-1/2” o.d.) MVP Seed Bag, Pins Bag            88157-1
1  -       MVP Sealing Kit with Sample/Instructions/Seal Release             88100
1    -    Pen, Archival Pigmented Black Ink                        65000
1   -   Glue Stick, Archival, to seal envelopes                        82601
1    -    Preservation Hints for Time Capsule Items                    40617
1    -    Preserving Newspapers                            40628
1    -    Basic Kit Instructions                                40996
4     -     Holding Bags, Plastic Polyethylene, archival, sizes vary

Note: All Items are Acid Free, Lignin Free, Inert, and Photo Enclosures (and Tissues) pass the PAT test for safe long term protection.

See our Catalog for a complete list of supplies included in each of our kits. Look on the page under Large Kits and find your kit. If supplies differ, the listing on this page will be most current for any of the kits. It takes time to update all of the website and catalog.


Use this size for time capsules whose volume is from about 800 to 2000 cubic inches or as a basis for more supplies later on. Yes, you can use it as a starter kit!

It's difficult for us to know exactly how many document envelopes or other supplies you might need. Some customers add a couple extra packs of the 33912 (9"x12") Museum Paper Storage Envelopes or a few more Corrosion Intercept bags to supplement the kit if needed. In fact, most all the items are available for purchase here separately. Just use the 'reorder number' on the list above. This list is also included with your kit.

How do we figure the cost savings for our kits? We take the single item price of each of the items, add that amounts to get a grand total. Then we take 20% off of that amount to get the special kit price for you. Often we make that special price even lower than calculated. Our goal is to save you at least 20%.

For the new kit in 2020, we have calculated the list price of the items to be $62.71, and the current price of this kit is less than the $50.17 which is 20% off the list price. It is our goal for each of our preservation kits to save 20% amount or more from buying the items separately.

We always have supplies in stock (almost always) but sometimes the kit takes a few days if it has not been assembled yet.

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