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Book, Baby Treasures Record Book for Babys First Year
Specially sized record book is best for recording baby's first year in detail, has room for photos & paper scraps

Book, Baby Treasures Record Book for Babys First Year

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Baby First Year Record Book Lots of Room for Photos and charts to measure baby's growth, your feelings, and lots more. A time capsule in itself! Now with free photo preservers.
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Baby Treasures Record Book, with Pack of 24 4x6 Size Photo Preservers

Baby Treasures Record Book helps you record baby's first year & beyond - place the book inside a time capsule for baby to see once he's all grown up!

Here is the perfect size for your baby's first year. Just start writing in it and keep it next to your baby's table so you can add more things.
It's an archival baby record book! The book is the perfect diary and record book to record any Baby's First Year.

It's fun for mom or grandma to use the Baby Record Book to record baby's firsts - especially helpful during the first year of life. It's easy to forget the little things that happen daily. Small enough to bring with you in the car, or keep at a bedroom table.

Pages are sized 7" wide and 8-1/2" tall with a generous white spiral binding that actually invites mom to fill up with photos and more. Thickness of the paper is 1/2" and the binding is a full 1"! It's different from other record books, because it allows for expansion so you can literally stuff it with photos and cards and things. YOU NEED THIS.

Designed to fit into small places, the book is chunky and expandable, so there is plenty of room for photos and clippings and little buttons and things.

It's easy to work with on your lap because it doesn't take up much room. Provides spaces to put baby's weight over time, his length, and all of his firsts such as date he spoke his first word and what it was, etc.

Free Pack of Preservers!

Now, you get a free pack of 24 of the 4x6 preservers (order more here). These fine John Porter brand sleeves are so easy to use, yet are safe and archival to use for your baby's photos. Just place your photo into the sleeve, peel the two paper strips from underneath the sleeve, and carefully place the sleeve with photo into the book. There are lots of areas for photos in this book.


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