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Baby time capsule is a gift not only for baby but for parents, grandparents
Baby time capsule is a gift not only for baby but for parents, grandparents

Baby Time Capsule 6x24 Tall Baby Treasures Set

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Keepsake Baby Time Capsule 6x24" is nice for saving that newspaper from baby's birthday or first year, DVD's and CD's for baby's future enjoyment.
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Tall Baby Treasures 6x24 Time Capsule

  • Stainless Steel Time Capsule - 6" in diameter and 24" or 2 feet tall
  • Baby Time Capsule Preservation Kit, includes these supplies:
    • Stationery. 5 decorated "Letter for the Future" stationery sheets (give them to grandparents, siblings, and friends);
    • Extra Sheets. 10 plain sheets (use for extra letter sheets or for copying important news articles onto);
    • Matching archival envelopes. 10 6x9"special buffered paper envelopes (use for folded letters, congratulation cards, and for holding photos in sleeves),
    • Inventory Sheet. 1 Inventory "For the Time Capsule" planner sheet,
    • Archival pen. 1 archival black writing pen,
    • Archival tissue. 1 large 18x24" sheet of neutral, acid-free (non-buffered) wrapping/interleaf tissue,
    • Nylon pouches. 3 nylon drawstring pouches: 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small (use for safekeeping of small baby artifacts such as pacifier, small toys, special coins).
    • Archival Artifact Tags. You also get 2 buffered paper artifact tags on string (tie to toys, small artifacts with explanation of importance),
    • Archival vials for little things. 2 plastic DNA or sample vials (great to use for most seeds, too),
    • Archival buffered tissue. 1 sheet 15x20" buffered acid-neutralizing tissue,
    • 8x10" time capsule MVP storage bag & instructions (use for sealing up things you're not sure about, such as a leather wallet or a rubber ducky),
    • Glue stick. 1 archival glue stick (best used to stick paper envelopes closed),
    • Archival plastic protector. 1 archival clamshell poly CD/DVD protector (easy to write on the outside with identification and instructions),
    • Archival photo sleeves. 10 archival fold-locking polypropylene photo sleeves (you get: 2 of size 2"x7" for clippings or small photos; 2 of the 4x6" size; 2 of the 5x7" size; and 4 of the 8.5x11" size for any digital output or certificates),
    • Templates. 2 genealogy forms to fill out, and you can photocopy them for future family (an archival Family Group Sheet and an archival Ancestor Guide Sheet);
    • Safe conditioner. 1 packet of 10 g Silica Gel conditioner to keep items dry.
    • The How-To Preserve book by Janet Reinhold, Your Baby Treasures Time Capsule: How to Preserve Lasting Memories from Baby's First Year (144 page paperback)
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