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Kit Simple Document Preservation Supply Arnold
Special small preservation kit is great to use documents & more

Kit Simple Document Preservation Supply Arnold

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Preservation Kit (made originally for the 7x9 Arnold time capsule) - with Document Preservation Enclosures, Instructions - Simple, Effective!
Part Number: KT-11759
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Arnold Document Preservation Kit

Here's a document preservation kit for small projects. We designed everything to fit into the 7x9" Arnold Time Capsule, but you can use it for any small preservation project. In all, you get 27 items in this kit - 12 different ones. Some customers buy multiple kits for larger time capsules, to give to individuals or groups to collect and preserve items in the time capsule.

Kit Includes:

  • Paper Sheets, Permalife for copying, writing, wrapping (10 sheets)
  • 9x12 Buffered Paper Envelope (1)
  • 6x9 Buffered Paper Envelopes (3)
  • 8-1/2 x 11 Archival Fold Lock Sleeves (5)
  • Archival Pen Black Ink (1)
  • MVP 8x10 Pouch with samples, instructions, seal release paper (1) can use for documents, leather, rubber items - has a foil layer so also protects against RFID hacking
  • Silica Gel 10 g
  • Special Kit Instructions leaflet
  • Preservation Hints leaflet

Kit does not have a time capsule label, or printed time capsule stationery, or an inventory sheet.

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