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Artifact Preservation Kit for Time Capsules
Special small preservation kit is great to use for toys & artifacts

Artifact Preservation Kit for Time Capsules

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Perfect small preservation kit for artifacts!
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Unique Arnold Artifact Preservation Kit for Time Capsules

Artifact Preservation Kit Keeps Items Nice Inside the Time Capsule

This preservation kit was designed for the Arnold medium Time Capsule (it measures 7-3/4" d x 9" ht). The kit includes a variety of preservation enclosures with some extras just for artifacts. Some customers buy multiple kits for larger time capsules, to give to individuals or groups to collect and preserve items in the time capsule.


  • All Materials are Acid Free & Lignin-Free
  • No PVC or Harmful Plastics
  • All Adhesives used are Acid Free, Lignin-Free & pH Neutral
  • All materials are made and assembled in the USA

18 Piece Kit Includes

  • 6 x 9 Acid Free, Lignin Free & Buffered Document Envelopes (5)
  • 5 x 7 Polypropylene Clear Sleeves (5)
  • Large Sheets Buffered Wrapping Tissue (2)
  • Large MVP Long Term Storage pouch, with instructions (1) 12"x18"
  • Archival Glue Stick (1)
  • Silica Gel pack, 10 gram (2)
  • Instructions: Preservation Guidelines (1)
  • Inventory Listing (1)

Why would you need this kit?

You may have mostly items (artifacts) as opposed to the usual document items in a time capsule. Maybe you have some toys, or coins, or a passport in a leather case. And you might have some photos and documents in it, too, that you don t want messed up by other items inside that might do them damage (leather, for instance). You can put photos or postcard items into the clear sleeves, and some letters all inside the 6×9 envelopes. You might want to wrap a toy or stuffed animal (or that worrisome leather item) with the tissue. Pop it into the MVP Marvelseal pouch (you can process it according to the instructions with a common household iron, or simple fold it shut). The Envelopes are archival and are not gummed, so we include a glue stick here for your use. Pop the silica gel in for some moisture resistance.

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