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White envelopes feature side seam construction
White envelopes feature side seam construction

9x12 Archival Paper Envelopes White pk 10

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9x12" Buffered Paper Envelopes White with Side Seam Construction - Pack of 10
Part Number: AS-33912L
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9x12 Archival Buffered Paper Envelopes 10 pk White Side Seam

Made by Lineco, these popular storage enclosures are acid-free, lignin-free, & buffered (8.5 pH). The envelopes are the most popular item in our preservation kits. Not available in your local supply stores, these special envelopes are made for museum supply stores and are designed with long term storage in mind. Use them for storage of all paper items and all photos in sleeves. Magazines and  newspaper clippings are popular contents for these envelopes. The buffered surface gives long term protection to the paper items. The envelopes pass the P.A.T. test for not being reactive to photos (although some photos may be sensitive to buffering in general - use sleeves first for sensitive photos). All these envelopes open on the shorter 9" end. Flaps are not gummed. If you need to glue your flaps, a pH neutral glue stick is safe to use.

Bright white colored Perma/Dur Envelopes are an excellent acid-free and lignin-free storage device for all types of documents, pamphlets, clippings, etc. Manufactured from sturdy Perma/Dur stock, buffered with approximately 3% calcium carbonate, each is constructed using a neutral pH (PAT tested) adhesive and includes an un-gummed flap to help keep out dust and light. You can really stuff these full and not be concerned with a center seam. Made by Lineco.

  • Envelopes measure 9" x 12" on the outside
  • Opens on shorter 9" end
  • Ungummed flaps
  • White Perma Dur Paper
  • Side Seam construction
  • 7 pt thickness
  • Buffered Acid Free & Lignin Free paper

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