Planned Leave June to August 2021

SPECIAL NOTE: From June through August 2021, our office is on planned leave away from the physical office and will not be able to fulfill most orders during this time. Please check our Blog on our website, social media via Facebook and Twitter, as well as Google My Business and Bing Places for Business, for updates to our service. I will provide links to these sources here as we have them updated.

Future Cylinder Time Capsules
How will this affect our customers? We plan to be able to help you with outdoor plaques, because those will ship to you direct from the foundry. But all other items, from Archives Box Time Capsules to Future Line cylinders, and even archival supplies and kits, will be on hold after June 7.

If you are reading this before June 7, please get your orders in or call our office as soon as possible with what you need. We'll try to accommodate your needs.
If you are reading this after June 7, feel free to email us and we expect to return to the office for plaques by July 30. We plan to be back to the regular day to day business including supplies, kits, and time capsules by August 30.

Feel free to contact us via the online store system. We can tell you what we will likely have by September. 

We have two distributors of our products. One is University Products, located in Holyoke, MA, USA.  They'll have our 6 in. X 24 in. Family Time Capsule and sealant. The other is Carr McLean,  in Toronto,  Ontario,  Canada. They'll have our 5.5 in. X 22 in. Family Time Capsule with matching Preservation Kit. 

Thank you for your understanding at this time.