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Types of Time Capsule Boxes

Posted by on 6/2/2015 to Info
Types of Time Capsule Boxes

Types of Time Capsule Boxes

Bolted Time Capsule Containers Sturdy Bolted Time Capsule

The bolted time capsule 3000 is our best designed time capsule box. It not only looks good, but it's easy to work with, easy to close, and can be buried easily without any vault. There is no other seal on the market as good as this one. There's a machined o-ring groove, and our silicone o-rings fit the groove exactly right. Stainless steel bolts go down through the lid, but not into just any holes. They go down into "blind" holes. This means they're capped off underneath so that there is NO WAY any moisture can get through to the inside of the container. And it is the inside of the time capsule that will hold your own carefully chosen items. Bury or place them for 100 years or more.

The sealing kit you get with this one includes the formed silicone O-Ring, 12 stainless steel bolts and washers, and instructions.

Capped Cornerstone Time Capsules

The capped cornerstone time capsule boxes are perfect archival boxes for most anything. They're made by hand. The personality? They were born in January, so they're practical, and great for organizing. Named after astronomical (and astrological) bodies, each of the sizes fits a different need.

Made of the same basic sturdy stainless steel construction as the Bolted, our Capped Time Capsules differ in the way that they seal. It's a simple seal using silicone sealant and friction fit lid. You get a special sealing packet with silicone sealant, instructions, burial tips and recommendations, and a warranty.
Time Capsule Box Stainless
If you see an astrological or astronomical name you'll know it's one of our capped time capsule models (Mars, Taurus, Polaris, for instance).

Made for a cornerstone container, these time capsules may also be buried if the cap is in the upright position. Other common sense considerations should be followed if you bury these such as 'don't bury in a regularly watered garden' and other tips and recommendations included with your order.

Things We Include with All Boxes

You'll get a limited warranty with each of our box time capsules. Also included is the Write-On Silver Poly Time Capsule label, and the 7604 Serial Number Label (unique to your container). A calculated amount of Ageless oxygen absorbers and Desiccant conditioners is included (the amount depends on the time capsule size). A starter packet of stationery is included as well as all 3 of our time capsule info pamphlets, and an inventory sheet. You get a sealing kit too, and that varies depending on the style.