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Use preservation kits to store things in for a long period of time in an enclosed case, such as one of our time capsules. You get a variety of items - some enclosures to safely protect photos, some to surround books or posters, some to protect documents such as city budgets and campus newspapers and newsstand magazines.

Most include an archival pen, a special MVP pouch, CD protectors, one or more buffered archival metal edge boxes, acid free tissue, and a variety of other enclosures for long term storage. It's the best way we can think of for keeping items in mint condition inside of your time capsule.

Kits also include oxygen removal (Ageless) and silica gel/desiccant conditioning agents. All items are Acid-Free & Lignin-Free, and some have additional pH buffering protection. These kits have evolved over the years, due to our customers' feedback comments. Feel free to leave us your own feedback. You may see some items in the photos that are no longer in our kits (such as cotton gloves, for instance). Always check out the latest listing to make sure of the exact contents of these dynamic kits.

SMALLER KITS - FOR Future & Individual Line: for the Mr. (6"x24") & Mrs. (5.5"x22") Future, Arnold (7.75" x 9") & Sally (3.5"x11.8")
LARGER KITS - FOR Models 3000, 4200, 4500, 4550: Bolted Style, Simple Capped, & Minimum Preservation Style (size depending upon size of time capsule - small, medium, large, e.g.) If larger kits are not in stock, please allow up to 4 days for assembly.


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