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Preservation Kits

Time Capsule Preservation Kits

Preservation kits contain proper enclosures for the long term storage of your documents, photos, and artifacts placed inside of your time capsule. We design the kits to be honest – all items must be archival and safe to use for long term storage. Also, the kits should save you money from buying the items separately. It’s important to the long term survival of your time capsule contents to keep the items separated as much as possible to guard against inherent vice. All kits come with detailed instructions. To see the details of the kits and to choose additional supplies if you need them, see our page about Choosing a Preservation Kit. 
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Sally Time Capsule Preservation Kit
$11.99  $10.97
Simple preservation kit with sleeves for documents, small photos (designed for our 3x12 time capsule)
Arnold Document Preservation Kit
$16.99  $14.99
Perfect small preservation kit for documents!
Mrs Future Time Capsule Preservation Kit
Average Rating(1)
$32.99  $30.57
Designed for the 5x22" time capsule, this kit works for family sized projects.
Arnold Artifact Preservation Kit for Time Capsules
Perfect small preservation kit for artifacts!
Mr Future Preservation Kit
$41.99  $39.97
Designed for the 6x24" Time Capsule, this kit is great for any family sized project.
Basic Preservation Kit for Time Capsules
Average Rating(1)
$53.99  $48.25
Preservation kit has lots of supplies and enclosures for time capsule items
Preservation Kit Regular Size for Time Capsule Boxes
$137.29  $108.97
Keep your time capsule items in great condition inside of your time capsule by using these enclosures.
Preservation Kit for Time Capsules - Large
$293.60  $235.97
Ships promptly.
Newspaper File Kit 2 pc 12x15 Free Booklet
$7.69  $6.99
Easy to use, protects newspapers & projects in storage!
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