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Time Capsule 5x22 Basic Mrs Future Container

Time Capsule 5x22 Basic Mrs Future Container

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Basic version of the Mrs Future time capsule container has sealant, label
Part Number:FL-08652
  • Can be buried:Comes with everything you need to seal it up safely
  • Airtight:Sturdy Stainless Steel - polished - embossed bottom - twist off
  • Makes a Perfect Gift!:Ready for a wedding, graduation, reunion or special event!
  • Perfect Size:5-1/2" diameter by 22" tall

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Mrs Future 5 x 22 Basic Time Capsule

  • 5.5" in diameter & 22" in height - Best available quality, determined with rigorous 12 point inspection
  • Family Size fits a lot of items in it, up to 50 items including DVDs in their cases
  • Stainless steel material with polished finish (it's shiny)
  • Features a strong threaded twist-off cap, plus Embossed bottom has the words "Time Capsule" & symbol for infinity!


  • Time Capsule Basic Stainless Steel Cylinder measures 5.5" diam. by 22" tall (outer dimensions)
  • Label: The Silver & Black polyester label is default. It has a place for you to note the date of placement along with the date you wish the time capsule opened. You apply the label
  • Label with Serial Number you can apply to the bottom of your capsule to provide identification (optional - see instructions)
  • 1/2 Unit Desiccant for conditioning the interior
  • Inventory Sheet for listing your items, Letter to the Future Stationery (2 sheets) in 9x12 Sleeve, plus 2 matching envelopes
  • Photo Processing Envelope (you can use it for photos)
  • Sealant Kit: Non-corrosive silicone with wax sealant kit (82703) and all instructions (how to apply & how to bury)

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