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Mr Future 6x24 Time Capsule Standard Bundle
Of these 3 capsules, the Mr is the tallest and has the most capacity.

Mr Future 6x24 Time Capsule Standard Bundle

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Standard Time Capsule kit has all you need!
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6x24 Mr Future Time Capsule Bundle

The Mr Future 6 x 24 time capsule container represents the largest of our Future Line time capsules. You'll get a time capsule that's passed our rigorous inspection for functionality and longevity in usage. It even passes the basic cosmetics test the inspector gives it - but there's some minor problem such as small scratches on the lid or bottom. You can be assured that you get a nice enough time capsule for almost all purposes. You will need to look closely to find the imperfection. This special time capsule kit is a bundle that comes with:

  • Time Capsule Basic Cylinder (08624sd) Standard with Cosmetic Blemishes
  • Big Mr Future Preservation Enclosure Kit (11624) has lots of enclosures to keep your contents nice, has items such as silica gel, acid free tissues, buffered acid free envelopes, permanent papers, archival pen, more. Upgraded kit has more specialty items to better protect your items over time inside the time capsule.
  • Label 7601 Polyester Black & Silver 3x4" has space for you to write instructions.
  • Label 7604 with serial number with unique registration number.
  • 1/2 Unit Desiccant for conditioning the interior, plus there is 20 g silica gel in the kit (combine these conditioners inside the capsule or inside separate packages inside)
  • Loads of stationery with 2 Inventory Sheets for listing your items (included in kit - and the kit has the popular Letters to the Future stationery, too)
  • Sealant #82703 silicone & wax (1 oz) non-corrosive formula & instructions for application
  • Burial Tips Info sheet - if you intend to bury the time capsule (included with sealant instructions)
  • Oxygen absorbers, 900 cc or more (recommended amount for most projects)
  • Leaflets in the Kit: "How to" Instructions tell you what to do with the enclosures in the kit; 12 Time Capsule Project Tips ... for thinking about placement & other considerations; Preservation Hints for Time Capsules ... tells what not to do in preparation; 100 Time Capsule Ideas: Things to Put in a Time Capsule ... ideas for you to choose what to put in the time capsule


  • Material: Polished Stainless Steel 304
  • Dimensions of time capsule container: 6" diameter and 24" (2 ft) height (outer dimensions)
  • Product Life: Designed to preserve most items properly in storage for up to 50 years or more
  • Closure: Twist off cap, and Silicone Wax
5 Stars
I purchased the Mr Future refurbished bundle for my son's Naming Ceremony. Shipping was fast and the time capsule arrived in great condition; just like it says, there are no major flaws and actually the only thing I noticed was a small tool mark on the side which in no way would jeopardize my time capsule project. We used most of the preservation items - especially the poly bags were really helpful to keep items separate in the capsule. The bundle is really perfect when you don\'t really know what you are doing, because it includes everything :) The sealant was very easy to use and was more than enough to seal the capsule. I highly recommend to read the material and tips it comes with - especially for first timers like me - because they are very helpful! Overall, a really awesome experience and we already look forward to digging it up - in about 15 years! :)
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Reviewed by:  from Denmark. on 3/2/2016

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