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Future Line Capsules

  • Family Time Capsules Family Time Capsules

    Choose from several popular family size time capsules for the perfect small time capsule project! Sensible prices for sturdy stainless steel time capsules.
  • School Time Capsules School Time Capsules

    Designed for schools & nonprofits to save money, these new standard time capsules pass rigorous quality inspection yet have minor blemishes.
  • Baby Time Capsules Baby Time Capsules

    Exclusive Baby Time Capsule gift sets made of polished stainless steel. Come with specialty bags & safe archival supplies for baby's items to keep them nice over time.
  • Engraving for Family Engraving for Family

    We offer two kinds of engraving for these time capsule lids: Light Engraving, a diamond drag etching, and Laser Engraving, a permanent black marking.