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Cylinder vs Box Time Capsules – Choose One!

Posted by on 10/1/2015 to Time Capsules

Cylinder vs Box Time Capsules – Choose One!

How to Choose a Shape – How Much Can I Fit in it?

Major differences for Cylinder vs Box Time Capsules: shape; capacity; contents; aesthetics vs practical (looks vs function) and more

Cylinder vs Box Time Capsules – Shape – what are the choices?

  • The shape of a cylinder is like a tube. Our Future Line time capsules are cylinder shaped.
  • The shape of a box is a rectangular prism. We offer 2 kinds of time capsule boxes.

Cylinder vs Box Time Capsules – Capacity – how much can I fit in it?

How does a cylinder’s area compare to a box’s area?

It’s about ¾. While it’s not rocket science, it merits thinking about, and here’s how:
  1. You figure a cylinder’s area using the formula πr2h, where π (pi) is 3.14159, r is the radius (half the diameter) and h is the height of the cylinder. For a cylinder that’s 12″ in diameter and 24″ tall, for instance, take 6″ x 6″ x 3.14159 x 24″. This yields 2714 cubic inches.
  2. You figure the area of a box by taking LWH, where L is the length of one side, W is the measurement or width of another side, and H is the height of the box.For a box that measures 12″ x 12″ x 24″ that gives you 12x12x24 or 3456 cubic inches.

So, you get a larger capacity inside of a box time capsule than you do a cylinder.

Cylinder vs Box Time Capsules – Contents

What kinds of contents lend themselves to a cylinder shape compared to a box shape?

  • Best for Cylinders

If you must roll something and not store it flat, a cylinder shape is the way to go. Figure on a height that your poster or set of building plans or banner measures after it’s been rolled up. Measure the diameter of your roll to make sure it fits within the diameter of the time capsule.

  • Best for Boxes

If you have a large quantity of documents and papers and books, those items fit best into a box time capsule. Photos should be stored flat, so the larger photos are best stored in a box time capsule or in a time capsule cylinder whose diameter is large enough to accommodate the width of the photo.

Cylinder vs Box Time Capsules – Aesthetics vs Practicality

Some people prefer the look of the tube or cylinder shape. This is a personal preference. The box shape is most practical for most archives items such as books, papers, and memorabilia – and those kinds of items are commonly placed in time capsules.

For the time capsules that we offer, we have both cylinders and box shaped time capsules. All are stainless steel. Our Future Line cylinders come in four set sizes that we had made in quantity (so they’re inexpensive). Our box time capsules are made one at a time and we can accommodate varying dimension. Our box shaped time capsules include the 4200 Capped Cornerstone, shown here, and also our Bolted 3000 models.