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Here find our Books and Pamphlets dealing with long term storage and time capsules. Learn more about how to think about a time capsule container, how to choose items to put inside of a time capsule, and how to keep the items nice during their stay in long term storage.
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Your Baby Treasures Time Capsule Book
If you are doing a time capsule for a baby - you need this book. It gives lots of info on how to take care of baby things in storage, too.
Leaflet - 12 Tips to a Successful Time Capsule Project
Get this leaflet first when considering a time capsule project! Free Shipping.
Preservation Hints for Time Capsule Items
$2.99  $1.50
Best leaflet to get when considering how to preserve items for a long time in a time capsule
100 Time Capsule Ideas Leaflet
$2.99  $1.97
Best little time capsule book to give you ideas of what items of your own to put into a time capsule!
Leaflet - Preserving Newspapers
$4.99  $2.29
8 pages of information about newspapers and how to properly take care of them when they are in storage.
A Sampling of Time Capsule Contents
$9.99  $4.97
Back Order.
Your Time Capsule - Brainstorming Container & Ceremony
$9.99  $4.97
If you need to plan a time capsule event, get this book and it will help get you started. Bonus 12 Tips Leaflet included.
Baby Treasures Record Book: Baby's First Year
$14.99  $4.97
Baby book has lots of space for recording baby firsts, photos