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PKG Polaris 12x7x12 Time Capsule Kit 8x6 Plaque
Easy package includes capped time capsule, preservation kit & plaque

PKG Polaris 12x7x12 Time Capsule Kit 8x6 Plaque

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This time capsule package is a perfect size, includes kit & 8x6 outdoor plaque.
Part Number:EZ-93209

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Polaris 12x7x12 Easy Package with Kit & Plaque

Capped Time Capsule

  • 42101 - 12 x 7 x 12" Polaris Capped Time Capsule Box
  • 56303 - At least 1200 cc of Ageless Oxygen Absorbers to remove oxygen inside your time capsule container
  • 56701 - At least 1 U Desiccant
  • 7601 - Time Capsule Label Silver Polyester
  • 7604 - Time Capsule Label with Serial Number Unique for Registration
  • 82042 - Sealant with Wax & Instructions on How to Apply and How to Bury
  • Warranty

Preservation Kit

  • 11779 Document Preservation Kit with 5 extra envelopes
  • Complete Kit Instructions; Burial Instructions; Preservation Hint for Time Capsules; 100 Ideas for Time Capsule Contents; 12 Tips for a Successful Time Capsule Project
  • Courtesy Stationery Packet with 3 sheets of Letter to the Future stationery, matching envelopes & photo processing envelope

Outdoor Plaque

  • AP86 - 8x6" Cast Aluminum Plaque - outdoor quality & coating included (or choose Bronze metal for additional charge)
  • Proof included - assures you get what you want in look and design
  • Specifications included - assure you get what you need for installation, color, hardware
  • Customize Your Cast Plaque: just type the wording you want for your cast plaque in the space provided. (If there is a problem with the fit, we will let you know before we send you the proof.)
  • Choose the border, texture, background color and mounting for your plaque. You will be able to revise them after we send the proofs to you. Once we receive your approvals, we submit to our foundry. Allow 3 weeks plus delivery time after that for timing.
  • Please see our PLAQUES GALLERY for more examples of plaques and how to specify what you need for them.

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