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Eli Lilly Time Capsule

Posted by on 10/1/2015 to Time Capsules

Eli Lilly's Time Capsule Plaza

These photos from Eli Lilly show an interesting placement idea for time capsules. By the way, the Eli Lilly Time Capsule measures 12″x12″x14″. They placed their time capsule at a groundbreaking event in 2003. Photos show some challenges that they succeeded in hurdling when they finally buried the capsule. You can buy a similar time capsule from us.

Boulder Placement

EliLily_featured.jpgThe Eli Lilly Time Capsule was placed underneath a boulder. It’s a good idea to place your time capsule this way. The boulder helps protect the area above. Such a placement idea has become more popular in recent years. A time capsule boulder placement has several advantages.

Advantages of a Boulder Placement

  1. It protects the area above the ground where the time capsule is placed. Rain and snow (and sun) will reach the boulder first.
  2. It provides additional insulation from the elements and changes in temperature.
  3. It’s an eye-catcher – easy to spot the small dedication plaque and the passerby wants to read it.

Disadvantages – Mostly in Handling

  1. Find the boulder
  2. Get the boulder delivered
  3. Place the time capsule in the ground
  4. Position the boulder above the place where the time capsule lies – consider weight, manpower, equipment

Jennifer Bateman and her group placed the Eli Lilly Time Capsule at the Eli Lilly Tippecanoe Labs facility. We were proud to be a part of their project!

EliLily7-04_1.jpg EliLily7-04_2.jpg
EliLily7-04_3.jpg EliLily7-04_5.jpg