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A Bicentennial Time Capsule for Deerfield

Posted by on 4/8/2008 to Time Capsules

Bicentennial Time Capsule for Deerfield, New York

The Deerfield NY Bicentennial in 1998 featured a community time capsule project headed up by Dick Kowalczyk.The time capsule committee for the Deerfield NY Bicentennial made an enclosure for the time capsule. If you do this for your own time capsule, be sure to add as much insulation as you can. Insulation helps minimize the harsh effects of temperature changes over time.

One good thing about burying time capsules is that at least the contents stay at an even temperature. Changes in temperature day to night, over and over again, bode ill for time capsule contents. Of course, if you bury a time capsule, you need to worry about moisture seeping in and leakage.

See how Deerfield had fun with their project. Folks signed the time capsule all over with a permanent pen!

NYbicentc5.jpg NYbicentc2.jpg
NYbicentc3.jpg NYbicentc4.jpg